Yes, contact TeamCanada@fitbench.com for freight rates and lead times. Please expect 75 -90 days for shipments globally for full container or custom orders..

The FITBENCH is shipped in a 48L x 25H x 26W wooden crate. It weighs 555 pounds (240KG) when it is in the crate and fully loaded with the weights.

The crates can be stacked five high. The FB can be shipped via dock to dock, curbside and full white glove delivery services globally.

36 for 20ft container; 78 for 40 ft container; 104 for a 40ft High Cube Container. The minimum shipment for a container load is 36. Domestic quantities can be of any number of units.

Yes, FITBENCH is a global brand and we have several International Distributors. Please contact us at TeamCanada@fitbench.com to request information from your local fitness distributor.


When the FITBENCH is delivered it will be fully assembled and in a wooden crate.

The FITBENCH crate will be delivered curb side with a liftgate both commercially and residential. We offer white glove delivery as well, which includes full installation of the bench and debris removal.

The FITBENCH comes fully assembled. Follow the directions on the crate for removing the crate top, then follow the directions on the side of the crate that has an “O” on it. Both the top and the side of the crate have hinges on them so the crate can be re-used or re-purposed.

We recommend moving the bench into desired location before adding the weights.

The FITBENCHs can take up to 10 business days to deliver depending on where you are in the country. (For international shipments, please contact us at TeamCanada@fitbench.com

Expedited rates are available for the FITBENCH ONE – Please contact TeamCanada@fitbench.com


The FITBENCH ONE comes with:

  • 6 sets of commercial dumbbells (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lb) (2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14 kg)
  • 2 commercial kettlebells (18, 30 lb) (7, 12 kg)
  • 1 (9 inch) commercial slam ball (15 lb) (6 kg)
  • 6 premium commercial grade resistance bands with 6 handles and 2 ankle straps (FITBANDS) at light (10 lb), medium (20 lb), and heavy (40 lb) resistances.

The FITBENCH was designed in the US, but is manufactured in China.

  • 5 years on structural steel frame
  • 2 years on structural moving parts and anchors
  • 1 year on injected molded polyurethane top
  • 6 months on wheels, leveling feet, dumbbell hook covers, support bar and post cover.

If a warranty claim needs to be made, a picture and serial number of unit will need to be provided. The serial number can be found under the near the bench top’s shock.

Yes, benches can be customized with logo and numbering decals, branded colors, and a debossed bench top. See which parts of the bench can be customized HERE. Please contact TeamCanada@fitbench.com for minimum order quantity and pricing.

Yes, all of our accessories can be sold separately, please see our accessories page.


Yes, we teamed up with Paybright. Please see details here finance

We’re excited to announce we have partnered with Paybright  to bring you new ways to pay at checkout. It’s a safe and simple way to get the stuff you want, when you want it.

Yes, each FITBENCH comes with a two-sided poster that includes both photos of exercises and then workouts associated with them. In addition, we have over 100 videos on our YouTube page and our Instagram that have different workouts that can be done. We are also working on subscription based workouts and an exciting new app and training partnerships which we will be announcing very soon. 

The FITBENCH does not have a seat because it was designed to give you a total body workout. When the bench was thought up, the goal was to use this bench for HIIT workouts, not only weight lifting. By eliminating the seat, it forces the user to utilize their lower half and engage core. In addition, having no seat allows for both incline AND decline exercises, making it an even greater functional bench.

So, the FITBENCH requires more work, and burns more calories during an elevated exercise than any other bench.

At this time, no. However, we do offer additional sized dumbbells to add to your FITBENCH. Each FITBENCH comes with a range of weights to keep the intensity in any workout.

Occasionally, we will have empty benches available on our website. We recommend getting our weights as we designed the FITBENCH to fit our dumbbells and kettlebells.


We love the FITBENCH for our High-Intensity, Low-Impact (HILIT) Bootcamp Classes. Unlike other fitness studios, our Athletes (as we like to call them) don’t have to schlep across the studio to retrieve and return equipment throughout class. Our coaches also love the FITBENCH because its versatility allows them to be creative in their programming. The FITBENCH is not only super sturdy, it’s also very sleek and looks great in our studio. Highly recommended!
Nadav Ben-Chanoch
Co-Founder, Rowgatta
“We chose to partner with FITBENCH having researched all multi-functional workout benches available. Nothing came close in quality, versatility, and functionality. Having now been using the benches in our studios for over six months we have not had a single issue, they are very safe to use, and are very popular with our customers. I would highly recommend this product to all!"
Paul Trendell
Co-Owner, Victus Soul
“We needed a solution to organize and store equipment in our ROAD classroom in an efficient manner. FITBENCH opened up floor space by consolidating equipment and ensured the room remained organized and clean. Members and trainers love the variety of equipment in the FITBENCH, and it’s helped take our ROAD classroom experience to the next level.”
George Forman III
Owner, Everybody Fights



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